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Looking for Open House Yard Signs? All You Need to Know!

on November 15, 2020

If you are planning on having an open house for any reason including placing your house on the market, school open houses, or business open houses, then you need to make sure that people know about it. This is where open house signs are helpful. These signs encourage everyone to come and take a look at the house or building, allowing them to figure out whether they want to buy the house, send their kids to the school, or shop at your store. Learn more about open house signs below!

Open House Yard Sign with "sold" message on it

What Are Open House Yard Signs? 

The more attention your open house receives, the faster you will be able to sell. One of the ways that you can get more attention on your home, school, or business is with open house yard signs. These open house signs go anywhere in your yard or property, letting everyone know that there is a new house or building on the market. If you are able to get more people interested, then you have a better chance of receiving multiple offers, enrollments or customers. Even better, if you get multiple offers on your home, then you can leverage them against each other, making sure that your home sells for the best price possible. In this manner, open house yard signs are a critical part of making sure that your home gets noticed by everyone. Generating more foot traffic, with the help of yard signs, will ensure that your open house will be a success.

Why Choose Open House Yard Signs from SignHero?

At SignHero, one of our best selling products are our open house yard signs along with other signage we provide for residential and business purposes. There are a number of reasons why so many people decide to enlist our services for their open house yard signs. These include:

  • Open House Yard Sign Durability Chart
    Durability: Many people decide to go with our open house yard signs because of their durability. The materials that we use to make our signs and included stakes are incredibly durable, even in bad weather. Sun, snow, rain, or hail, our open house yard signs stand strong with UV-ray, water, and tear resistance. We also use heavy-duty stakes that will not buckle under stress.
  • Easy Setup: There are plenty of open house yard signs that take way longer to setup than they should. Either the stakes don’t stay up, the sign won’t fit on the stakes or all the materials blow away with a little wind. With SignHero open house yard signs you will never have these issues! We make sure everything fits properly and stays where it should so you can focus on your upcoming open house, and not the installation.
  • Open House Yard Sign With Markup
    More Space: Tired of writing a phone number or address in the tiny space most open house signs give you? Writing super small and even then the last few numbers or letters get cut off? It looks messy, unprofessional and unattractive. NO MORE! Our large, high-quality signs provide plenty of space to include all of the information you need to adequately advertise your open house. No more small illegible handwriting, no more cut-off words, only neat, professional looking open house signs.
  • Double-Sided: If you are placing a sign on the edge of your property, or on the corner, then some people may not be able to see your sign if they are coming the opposite way. We provide an easy solution, double-sided open house yard signs! With these everyone can see the sign, no matter where they are and know exactly where to go. 
  • Made in the USA: Our open house yard signs are all made in the USA! That way, you can rest easy knowing that you have gotten a high-quality product worth your money. Our signs are here to do the job properly every. single. time.

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