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Sneeze Guards For Schools: What You Need To Know

on August 12, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone and as kids return to school, it is important to make sure that children and teachers stay safe by using sneeze guards. While COVID-19 appears to impact elderly populations and those with pre-existing conditions more severely than children, it is still possible for kids to pass the virus to those they live with such as their parents and grandparents. In fact, recent studies show kids may be the demographic that spreads coronavirus most effectively. For this reason, all schools need to take steps to reduce the transmission of viral particles. When it comes to school sneeze guards, there are a few important points that all schools should keep in mind.

How Do School Sneeze Guards Prevent the Spread of Viral Infections such as Coronavirus?

Child Sneezes while holding nose in cold weather

School sneeze guards can prevent the spread of COVID-19. Based on the information that has been published by the American Lung Association, coughs and sneezes are the body’s way of removing irritants and pathogens from the body’s respiratory sneezes. Unfortunately, when the body expels these irritants from the body’s lungs, this could also spread viral and bacterial infections to other people in the nearby vicinity. This includes COVID-19.

While public health experts, doctors, and most elected officials have emphasized the importance of social distancing, it is hard to make sure that kids remain six feet apart from their friends in a classroom environment. Think about group projects, recess, lunch, and gym. Kids are going to be in close contact with each other. This is where school protective equipment, such as sneeze guards for school and student desk shields, become essential.

Sneeze guards for school have qualities that resemble other forms of PPE when it comes to slowing down the transmission of viruses. Sneeze guards act as shields that catch particles as they are expelled from the nose and mouth, preventing them from flying through the air. Furthermore, sneeze guards for school also remind everyone that it is important to take proper safety precautions during the pandemic. In this manner, this type of school protective equipment works best when combined with other measures including enhanced cleaning, strong hygiene practices, social distancing, and even other forms of PPE.

The Proper Placement of Sneeze Guards: Optimize Effectiveness

Sneeze guard for school on student desk while child does classwork

In order to get the most out of school sneeze guards, they have to be placed properly. Ideally, sneeze guards should be placed in front of the desk of each student in order to catch particles as they cough and sneeze. It is also a good idea to place sneeze guards in front of the teacher’s desk, behind lunch counters, and any other places where people might come into close contact. The top sneeze guards are tall and wide enough to protect kids and staff regardless of whether they are sitting or standing.

When school protective equipment, such as sneeze guards, are used properly, they act as an important part of a comprehensive plan to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 among teachers, students, and staff. By reducing the spread of potential infections among students, not only are kids protected by their parents, grandparents, and everyone else they come into contact with can be kept safe as well.

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